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Damage/Loss/Repair of Equipment

Student Device Repair Policy:

The District will not be purchasing any additional warranty on the devices. All repairs and troubleshooting will be done internally by the Technology Department.

Devices Undergoing Repair:

Loaner devices may be issued to students when they leave their devices for repair at the Technology Department’s Help Desk.

Repairs required due to intentional abuse or negligence may be subject to administrator approval before a loaner is issued.

It is important that students keep their school data synced to their Google Drive so documents and class projects will not be lost. Personal information that cannot be replaced should be kept at home on an external storage device.

Device Fees: 

Students 6-12 are responsible for any and all damages to the device. Students will be allowed one repair every school year at no fee for accidental damage. After the free repair has been utilized for the current school year, students will be responsible for a $20 incident fee for each subsequent repair. 

The only exception is devices that are deemed to be intentionally damaged, lost, or stolen. An intentionally damaged device does not qualify for a free repair. Lost or stolen devices will be accessed at a $200 replacement fee.